It’s obvious that from whatever level we consider – whether it is from the industrial, economic or production levels – the Japanese have some years – or even some decades – of a lead ahead of us. These smart brains from the Asian continent always make an impression with such creativity, even though at times they may be the only ones able to understand their instruments, engines or whatever other unidentifiable odd gadgets they may make. Their creations can easily range from total failures to absolute wonders to humankind. If taking sides, we declare ourselves loyal supporters of Japanese inventions, no matter how little our boss may or may not be interested in that country’s inventions.


‘You asked for it, an entire video devoted to rainbow sponges,’ says this lovely old lady while introducing us to what will apparently be the next drug that will delight the most excitable boy racer. The video shows some ultra thick sponges that, when dipped in rainbow paint, take you to a world of light and colours. This world is like Marisol’s but with orgasmic spasms, as is demonstrated by our octogenarian friend and her gasps of ‘Oh my gosh!’. Rumour has it that the rainbow sponges will be one of the main sponsors of the 2013 Sonar festival, so don’t be surprised to find this sponge guru filling the festival with colours and patterns. At La Monda we have already placed orders for three full boxes of sponges because we can’t miss a blast like this!


Etienne Gros’s “Les Mousses”

We have never understood what the purpose of a sponge is: it scratches up and lifts your body’s dirt and then just moves it around to somewhere else. The same goes for feather dusters and dust. We simply refuse to use them. We, on the contrary, will scratch ourselves with our own hands and we do not clean up any dust that there may be. But the artist Etienne Gros’s sponges have something special to them, and while we do not want to ponder exactly how he came up with this idea, it is a kind of special cinnamon, pearl for the eyes. They say that wrinkles are beautiful – we think that those extra kilos one puts on are too – and even more so if it is made in such a simple manner as with a bottom-scratching sponge. See for yourselves and enjoy.