Tumblr Art: Claiming the silent minority

“¡Let the silent minority talk!”. That’s what, drunk as a rat, the liquor loving Spanish writer and filmmaker Fernando Arrabal claimed on a round table talking about the already old milenarism (that term might not even exist anywhere else than inside this enlighted Arrabal’s brain, now that I think about it). The silent minority is that group of people that turn their back on the standard and that are forgotten by the mass media, like people than more than two nipples, librarians or celiacs.
Luckily, this last group of gluten intolerants have decided to leave the shadows in which they’ve been locked for years creating the Gluten Free Museum, a side History of Art without the omnipresence of bread. To hell with Millet’s wheat fields or Dalís still lifes; from Vermeer to Jeff Koons, going through Tarantino, there’s not a single crumb that has avoided the gluten inquisition. Not only this collective is outstanding in their quest for showing the celiac condition in history, but also because of their amazing usage of Photoshop to eliminate any sign of wheat, rye, oat or similar. Another group that has decided to ask for their recognition is the one of the flamingo lovers. Yeah, that posing bird that has few friends in the Western culture. The silent minority is now in control of the artistic panorama. Behold museums, Tumblr is giving voice to the forgotten ones!
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