In the Western culture there’s some kind of taboos that are not allowed to be mentioned in the media, like sex, the economic crisis, the period or anything scatological. Year after year, we’ve seen how publicists have managed to sell yogurts that allow you to go to the toilet with visual metaphors such as balloons, dogs showing their snouts through doors or verbal magic tricks like “taking the log to the garden”.

However, it seems that the Empire of the Rising Sun has gotten rid of all modesty; you only have to look at their TV or, in this case, to the videos they use to learn English. If in the Western world it was Mickey Mouse who taught us how to ask for bread in the anglo-saxon language, in Japan it’s a group of dancers who, in a very graphic way, show us how to communicate that we have a bad case of diarrhea. I mean… Japan is Japan, let’s just not try to understand it.


If we look up “polymathy” or “Renaissance Man” in Wikipedia, we check that it’s a concept used to name individuals that succeed in various knowledge areas, people that are ace at many things, from aeronautical engineering to glazed ceramic or advanced level sudoku. Said definition is completed by a long list of men considered to be polymaths; Aristotle, Goethe, Descartes and many others. It’s surprising not only the absolute absence of female names in the scholars list, but also how outdated it is, taking into account that the youngest of them died more than 60 years ago.

This humble writer would like to update the “Renaissance Man” list introducing LadyBeard. Yes, beloved friends, even though he’s a total stranger to us, in the Empire of the Rising Sun, Lady Beard is considered a huge eclectic artist. A good looking Australian giant that, after making it big in Taiwan and Hong Kong, he’s determined to take over Japan. Under his “Sing, Dance, Destroy” motto, this ginger hunk enters wrestling rings dressed up as a saucy Japanese schoolgirl while singing typical Cantonese songs in heavy metal style, posing for fashion editorials and starring his own TV show. All very standard. A Godzilla with braids and mascara that conquers all; LadyBeard is, without the shadow of a doubt, the perfect contemporary polymath.


Once again… Japanese artists. But if these artists also filled their CV with some London studies, chances are you can get some spectacular artists like Maiko Takeda. Her last piece of work? Nothing more and nothing less than a series of “headdresses and hats” that defy logic and space physics. This project, called “Atmospheric Reentry”, takes us to a world where visual effects created by colors and textures, skewers, plectrums and peacock feathers leave us staring in amazement, suspended and overjoyed, as usual. This impressive result was achieved by using only small fragments of film and acrylic discs. And let’s reveal a small gossip to our readers: Bjork has already been caught with one of her “headdresses”!