Every once in a while it is nice to find experimental pieces such as those of Mashallah Design and Linda Kostowski. From particular stories and experiences, they have wanted to create unique pieces that could be sculptures on show at a museum or even the most extravagant item of clothing in your wardrobe. They have opened themselves to the new technologies and to the multiple opportunities that are offered by 3D design (all of which is interpreted with a poetic touch – see piece NO 419, which uses a story about wolves as its inspiration). We hope that they will continue on this path and we are excited to see what will be the next book they will use as inspiration. Any suggestions?


The evolution of the typical spider lamp is the jellyfish lamp… Voilá! Adam Wallacavage, thanks! There’s no need to say why this piece is La Monda, is there? Our most sincere appreciation for them, humbly we would ask for a prawn lamp, a llama side table, a hedgehog toothbrush and a barnacle stool. We want to decorate our offices with them and compete with any zoo in the hood.