One of those things that are to a Friday like Paracetamol to a hungover. Your eyes will take their time to comprehend the grandiosity of new Tepr‘s video, “Half Below”; from the smoking keyboard to the fake teeth in urgent need for an odontologic revision, the piece is a succession of ideas, movement, colours and rhythm.
“Half Below” has the signature of Elmø (like the Sesame Street dude but with the Scandinavian ø that hell knows how it’s pronounced). This Parisien studio is multidisciplinary, multidimensional and multiclient; we’re still regretting why they weren’t around when we were kids to design a proper Crash Bandicoot. Happy weekend!
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After hours watching how the rocket was waiting to launch, the moment arrived; we were able to see what Primavera Sound 2016 was going to be. One more time, there are as many reactions as personalities. There’s the one that shouts and celebrates, the one that doesn’t really know what to say and the typical “well it could be better, right?” guy. In my case, I got three big questions: why did we doubt PXXR GVNG were going to be there? Why didn’t I check Grimes’s agenda before dreaming of watch her live at Fórum? And, above all: why aren’t Los Chichos one of the headliners?

We’ll criticise the band mash up, we’ll state who’s missing and then we’ll spend the next months trying to listen to some of the artists to make us like them and not have to re-sell our pass. I recommend you one: NAO, probably the name that thrilled me the most to read. The most informed ones will recognize her as the vocalist (and composer) of “Superego”, song included in Caracal, last album by Disclosure. But the truth is that this English girl was already causing expectation with her first two EPs, thanks to which the media and their recurring rankings can’t avoid placing her as one of the up and coming names of this year that has just begun. Nao is cool. Real soul, no pretending, with a feeling but electronic and from the city. Nao is cool and we’re gonna watch her live.


We’re gonna try not to bother you with the pre-Sónar excitement we feel; for the moment, we’re only going to offer you a sneak peek. You well know our year begins in mid-June, specifically when we start dancing with a couple of beers already inside our hot bodies in the Sónar by day area. Well, beloved readers, the countdowns begins; the very famous electronic music festival has announced 40 more artists for this year’s edition and our eyes are already sparkling (not for the meat delights of the video). To the already confirmed Anohni, John Grant, New Order, The Black Madona and Skepta, now we got new names on the list, such as, watch out, Jean-Michel Jarre, Bob Moses, James Blake, Jamie Woon, Club Cheval, Kelela, Flume… And Four Tet and Laurent Garnier djing for the stunning amount of 7 hours. We got the shakes already.


Well, I might be slightly obsessed with young Brazilian instagrammers, but thanks to this fact I’ve discovered Jaloo, a very young Brazilian musician that could really make a statement; we’ll some day be able to say “I knew him before he was famous” about him (and to make my ego happy you’ll have to add it was me who discovered it. I’m the Columbus in this story).

Grimes’s “Art Angels” could be one of the 2015 big albums, but, blinded by love, I’d dare to say that Jaloo, proclaimed fan of the Canadian – we can listen a cover of Oblivion in his first EP -, is not that far away from the same title. Jaloo sounds as if Grimes got lost in the Amazon jungle and would start playing with her synth. The Brazilian youngster brings us electronic music full of light, simple but soaked in Southern rhythms. And let’s face it: we love that. To this we have to add a nearly whispered soft voice that jumps from English to Portugese without sounding weird.

That very same mix we can find it in his aesthetics; the vinyl clothing, the glitter, the futurist-punk hair do’s and tropical patterns combine the tribal elements, all wrapped in a pastel colour halo that makes us sure that entering his world is nothing but pleasant. It will start with “Vem”, easy but meaningful beginning of his LP and will finish with “Adeus”.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s ask the gods (I mean, the heads of the best music festivals) that Jaloo visits us soon because I’m sure he’ll make us sweat.

!!! CHK CHK CHK: How’s that working for you, baby?

What happens when you mix the bad mood and aggressiveness of punk, the loudest disco/funk euphoria and a guy dressed in lycra shorts on a stage? What happens is that you actually got a master gig of the band with the most difficult name on the music landscape. !!! (or Chk Chk Chk, according to them) land in Spain today to present “As If”, their party album, playing in Barcelona and Madrid first and finishing their tour at the BIME festival at the end of the month. Over the top Nic Offer’s band have been rewarding us with parties since 2001; their gigs have always been a synonym of crazy, ecstasy and dislocated knees. We only have to think about the show they offered at the Primavera Sound dressed up as zumba teachers. We hope they bring a sanitary help team with them, because taking into account the mega hit their new “Freedom ’15” is, people are in risk of a heart attack.



It’s been a long time since we’ve been following this amazing American voice. We want John Grant to come with us on a Saturday night and we also love his beard, face, inherent mystery and we’re basically besotted for him. He already had the best credentials, but if all this wasn’t enough already, Grant presents us his new video for the song “Disappointing”, which is full of hairy display and where he does some sort of colourful sauna lipdub. John, you could come to Barcelona whenever you want; we can set up a sauna as nice as that in our studio. You just have to sing.


Even though the big shopping centres were announcing it since February, it’s now, in April and looking at allergic’s red swollen eyes when we can assure that, at last, Spring is here. Here come the “taking off your clothes baby” stage, bright patterns and the happiness when the weather forecast says that, indeed, next weekend the sun will shine and temperatures will go up. This excitement state must be celebrated and I think that’s why cities set up music festivals, to manage all this hormonal meltdown making us pass the time all together and preferably away from the city centre.

Barcelona is an expert in this sort of social control; a good example of it are the Primavera Sound, Cruilla, Mobile World Congress (same levels of cocaine and binge-everything-ing but with men in suits) and our favourite, Sonar festivals, that this year, apart from the amazing FKA Twigs, Roysin Murphy or Flying Lotus bands, they’re bringing Bomba Estéreo for their line-up. This Colombian group has managed to bring cumbia and chambeta styles back to life mixing them with electronic music and, thus, making them cool. Lliliana Saumet, their lead singer, is a total blast live and with songs like “Fuego” (“fire”) she is able to lit the dullest audience. Bomba Estéreo and hail to Spring!


I know, I’m like a pain in the neck going on and on about music, partying and shaking your booty but it’s just that the second edition of Lapsus Festival is here with a very interesting lineup (Agorazein, Moiré, Mouse On Mars, Pina…), the sun is shining (in Barcelona), people are feeling naughty and you can smell the build up in the atmosphere. Beloved readers, we understand your needs and that’s why we’ve already made the perfect Saturday plan for you: 5pm at the CCCB (as centric as it gets). The mambo-fiesta season is officially inaugurated with Lapsus Festival.


Have you ever shared some time with someone that plays any sort of percussion? No matter if they come from the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the side band for Cliff Richards or some grindcore metal group, they will all have something in common: that constant “playing” everything around, the the need to rhythmically tap the table or a leg.

Felix Faire has taken playing the environment to a whole new level. This British musician, architect and coder has created “Contact: Augmented Acoustics”, a technology project that turns any tactile surface in a music instrument. Faire is young (1991), but using microphones and knock recognition wave analysis he’s already been proclaimed one of the 7 designers of the future by Design Week. A crazy mix between Minority Report, giant piano rugs and an intergalactic musical, Augmented Acoustics looks like a key part of the future.

Felis Faire will be talking and playing his show on Thursday, 5th of March, at the Mazda Space Barcelona invited by Sónar+D by Mazda Rebels.

tUnE-yArDs: colourful hurricane

A lot has been said since the organisation of the most important music festival in Spain (alongside with Sónar) revealed their new edition line-up last Wednesday.  In La Monda, we could make a deep research of the names that this Primavera Sound 2015 is bringing; about what we think of them including bands sleepier than Diazepam or about highlight the sudden fear we feel when thinking about the fanatic phenomenon that the presence of Julian Casablancas can trigger, but music magazines are already doing that.
We’re going to focus on celebrating that tUnE-yArDs is coming back to Spain with one of the best albums of 2014. In this last release (Nikki Nack, 2014), American Merrill Garbus ventures with all genres, from funk to folk, going through afro-pop and jazz; amazing display of colourful, poliritmic party. We can assure you that if this girl is already a blast in recording, just wait and watch her live; she’s an energy, good vibe and surprising hurricane. Who would say that Garbus, whose first album was self-recorded in recycled cassette tape, would end up in festivals like Primavera Sound and being a total reference name.