What are we going to do this NYE? In the “Most boring questions” top 10, this is the topest one. Year after year, society slowly falls into despair while December comes to an end. Like headless chickens we text everybody on whatsapp, ask strangers on the streets and we confirm we’re going to every facebook event with NYE on their title: vegan NYE, snuff movie NYE, retirement house NYE… Literally, anything not to end up practicing the Heimlich maneuver to your grandma after she had too much dessert.

Sociologist all over the world have try to figure out why do we actually need to get so pissed to welcome the new year; from teens to grown ups, everybody drinks as if they had sons in jail, maybe in an attempt to burn all our demons when watching those inedible “best of 2015” compilations or simply to forget how pathetic this year has been and how the coming one doesn’t look any better.

NYE is not only about drinking everything that falls in your hands, but also in saying hello to the new year almost dead in the sofa, in someone else’s bed or in the side of a road asking please to be buried in quicklime. First of January hungover is the martirdom that all human being has to go through: sadness, self pity, sad song days.

To finish this year, and since we’re still in Xmas time when eating like there’s no tomorrow is a daily thing, we bring you Josh Josh Jones‘ project, who, possibly inspired by hungover days, he created the @celebrities_in_ramen instagram account, where, as the very name says, he places celebrities floating in soup. Some nice nonsense to wash down the sweet Xmas and NYE resolutions excess.