It was about time for some graphic inspiration after many colourful still life and good photography examples, wasn’t it? Here you are Carole Gautier and Eugénie Favre, aka My Name Is Wendy, aka graphic design and art direction with the Parisian baguette and croissant vibe. Wendy’s design and style adapts to each client causing them to experience a sort of Stendhal stroke; the beauty excess and the know-how make us more excited than Boy George’s make up. We got the name for our future daughter. Guess: it starts with Wen and ends with dy.







Flux. If you also had to look up what that means, you probably went to Wikipedia and found ten different meanings for the word in Science, Technology, Medicine and Arts. It’s time for a wake- up call for the Wikipedians though, because Flux is also the name David Altmejd gave to one of his works; “The Flux and the Puddle”, 2014. And, moreover, the name given to Altmejd’s retrospective in the Musée d’Arts Moderne in Paris.

We can only describe what Flux looks like;a mix of shapes and organs in gestation and crystals in formation, a universe of mixed dreams and nightmares. It’s plexiglas, quartz, polystyrene, expandable foam, epoxy clay, epoxy gel, resin, synthetic hair, clothing, leather shoes, thread, mirror, plaster, acrylic paint, latex paint, metal wire, glass eyes, sequin, ceramic, synthetic flowers, synthetic branches, glue, gold, feathers, steel, coconuts, aqua resin, burlap, lighting system including fluorescent lights, Sharpie ink, wood, coffee grounds, polyurethane foam. It’s another form of beauty.

david altmejd art exhibition paris

david altmejd art exhibition paris

david altmejd art exhibition paris

david altmejd art exhibition paris

david altmejd art exhibition paris

Paris Fashion Week, SS2014

The Paris Fashion Week is over, and now we can take a look back at what went on. It was one of the most hectic Fashion Weeks of the last seasons, and if you don’t believe so, check out American designer Rick Owens’ models: stomp dancing dancers (if you still don’t know what stomp dancing is, google is there to help you) who had to learn a 12 minutes long “choreography”. Real size models screaming and moving like real Amazons, most of them Afro-Americans, right when controversy about the lack of black models on the catwalks is at its highest moment. An innovative way to present clothing, which, aside from letting the design part stand out, caused more than some assistant to break into tears.

But these models weren’t the only ones to bring dance onto the catwalk. Gaultier recreated a dancing contest where the models were dancing to the beats of the 80’s, represented not only by music, but also in style, because the leather, the fringes and the tulle were the protagonists of the parade. We also mustn’t forget the presence, on magnificent jackets and bags, of his mythical stripes. A delight for the people attending the event.

Music was also protagonist during the show of the duo Viktor & Rolf, where models walked on the notes of a Pink Floyd remix, the perfect soundtrack for a sober collection of high school teens, wrapped up in black, white and blue blazers and gowns.

Even though some of the major brand’s stagings – like Givenchy’s car crash in the middle of the street, Chanel’s art gallery or Moncler’s skating gorilla – really impressed us, the biggest news this week was Marc Jacobs’ farewell to Vuitton. And of course, his goodbye couldn’t be more elegant, with a small retrospective dedicated to his trajectory for the French brand, as a whole rather gloomy and eccentric, vaguely resembling a burial (well, we wouldn’t really mind it was our own, with all those feathers, glitters, eroticism and exhibitionism that we love so much). An adieu that closes an era, a season in which the great brands placed their bets on designers who would later renew the world of fashion industry.

Such a triumphal farewell can only serve as a welcome for a new generation of designers: curious about the first signing? Well, it was JW Anderson for Loewe.
So we can already assure you: if this Fashion Week was somehow frantic, have your seat belt fastened for next year, because there are some turbulences coming.


What would it be of the fashion world without its typical scandals that we are so used to? This time it’s the turn of French fashion house Louis Vuitton. Time and time again models have been labelled as been selling their bodies in front of a camera, but we couldn’t care less about this debate, nor could we care about those trying to get at some philosophical point about it or those who are outraged by it all. In this latest video from the French fashion house their stand couldn’t have been clearer. With a ‘Madame’ like Marc Jacobs, the fiercer critics would also make themselves beautiful to walk the streets.


Loads of shoulder pads, mini sunglasses, crosses, square bowler hats, briefcases and even skirts, all together, that’s what Thom Brown offers us for the next A/W, that, by the looks of it, it’s going to be freezing. We loved the event he organised in Paris last January, specially because our editor Guillaume was hitting the wooden structure with a hammer until he had to stop in tiredness (yes, we do have the video that proves it). A non conventional but attractive collection suitable for men that want to be stared at.