Michael Kors brings us the chance to enjoy his new collection without moving from our own sofas again and this is already the seventh time live from New York to Spain and the whole world. We’ll be here broadcasting on real time on our social media, fancy and keen, to make this Wednesday afternoon (4pm in Spain, 10am in NYC) a bit less dull and more inspiring. Moreover, you’ll be able to witness all the outfits of the celebrities that will attend the show minutes before the catwalk (don’t forget the #AllAccessKors and #MichaelKors hashtags!). La Monda feat. Michael Kors, famous on the whole wide world.

Ode to little hair lost

3D postcards are an authentic wonder, and more if they can entertain us. This same thought must have crossed the maybe a little perturbed mind of Silke Baltruchat. The fact is, she’s right. With so much wax and so much epilation nowadays, we are forgetting the daily pleasure of dedicating some of our time in contemplation of our own glorious fur. That’s the reason why, if we had those postcards right in front of us, we wouldn’t stop doing knots, braids and curls with someone else’s pubic hair, finally made public by this artist.