Once again… Japanese artists. But if these artists also filled their CV with some London studies, chances are you can get some spectacular artists like Maiko Takeda. Her last piece of work? Nothing more and nothing less than a series of “headdresses and hats” that defy logic and space physics. This project, called “Atmospheric Reentry”, takes us to a world where visual effects created by colors and textures, skewers, plectrums and peacock feathers leave us staring in amazement, suspended and overjoyed, as usual. This impressive result was achieved by using only small fragments of film and acrylic discs. And let’s reveal a small gossip to our readers: Bjork has already been caught with one of her “headdresses”!


Early in his youngster years, a bleached hair youngster started taking pics to something as common as a washing powder container. Today we want to highlight dutch Foekje Fleur’s work, who is more contemporaneous and concerned about current issues. As she doesn’t want to spend a penny on her inspiration process, she just collects rubbish from the shores of the Mosa river that crosses Rotterdam, her birthplace, underlining one of the various ecology problems nowadays. Her best features are plastic containers, no matter if they are of washing powder, shampoo o water bottles, from which she creates moulds to make an exact reproduction in porcelain. A delight for those collectors of the bizarre and extravagant, there’s no better way of decorating your house than with a pop piece.