It’s not cool to repeat clichés and we know that age doesn’t matter, size neither, that you can’t judge the book by its cover and that high school hotties age awfully. But Steph Wilson was born in 1992; she’s 24. 24 years old, which is less that a quarter of a century. She’s very young. And that’s where the magic is.

Wilson lives in London and she’s an artist, a photographer and has an incredibly developed style. It seems that her images are moments in stories where you don’t really know what’s going on, but you definitely know that something unsettling is going on and you don’t really know if you want to stay to discover it. Her discourse on gender and beauty only makes it more perfect. Blessed youth and its emojis.

Wilson vive en Londres y es artista, fotógrafa y tiene una mirada increíblemente trabajada. Da la sensación de que sus imágenes son momentos de historias en los que no se llega a saber exactamente qué está pasando, pero todos intuímos que algo inquietante hay en todo esto y no sabemos si queremos averiguarlo. Su discurso sobre el género y la belleza no hacen más que perfeccionarlo. Bendita juventud y sus emojis.

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When we speak about the Arab world, a lot of cliché images come up to our minds: burkas, Aladdin, kebabs, Lawrence of Arabia, yihad, Daesh, camels, moustaches in turbans, flying carpets and more Daesh. Not much more finds space in our concept of “arabesque”.
But, what happens when a Southafrican and a Puertorican travel to Doha (Qatar) and decide to demolish all the Oriental archetypes that Occident media show us? That’s how the work by Christto Sanz and Andrew Weir is born; kitsch photography of ladies in jilbabs in soap opera actress pose and drinking Coke in the middle of the dessert. An african-puertorican look that talks about the malleability of identity and the mix of East/West cultures in such a globalized word. Sand pop under the view of two geniuses; death to the bland Eastern archetype, long live to the baklava flavoured party!












Remember when you were 5 years old and you wanted to be a policeman, a fireman, a detective and a football player by the age of 40? From our monotonous and sedentary adult life we see how we’ve turned into that we feared; cussing dirty beings way too close to toxic dependencies.

Some months ago, the marvellous bin that the Internet is started showing a series of Frosties ad that perfectly reflect how our generation has degraded. In them, Tony the Tiger, the brand’s mascot, steps out to the streets and solves the dramas of those kids he fed 20 years ago. He helps a prostitute taking out the “tiger inside” and perform a pro level BJ, a cop beat up a woman and a suicide terrorist to kill herself in a burger restaurant. Tony is worried; he’s opened a webpage for us to tweet whatever can solve our generation.

Kelloggs has already said these fake ads have nothing to do with the company so who’s behind this piece of art? They have a pretty admirable production in the level of a big advertising firm and a very strong critical component to our generation and probably (though it’s not noticeable) to the Kelloggs politics. This is the new age Area 51.


Meat, erotism, provocation, irony and humour: the work by @bessnyc4, the online name for Douglas Abraham, creator of fashion and jewelery brand Bess, has everything we need. Instagram, who one day erased his account because he wasn’t posting stuff that dogs and cats were doing but Givenchy model faces stuck to 70s porn actresses, is his gallery; here’s where we can find the best examples of his collage work, which we suppose is put together with a mix of glue and criticism to the world of fashion. Abraham presents a combination that is, sorry for the common place, new, and he doesn’t pay too much attention to the big names of the fashion firms, which turns him into a punk with a good taste and more followers than people live in a small country. @bessnyc4 is vitamins to our brains.

bessnyc4 collage graphic porn fun fashion instagram

bessnyc4 collage graphic porn fun fashion instagram

bessnyc4 collage graphic porn fun fashion instagram

bessnyc4 collage graphic porn fun fashion instagram

bessnyc4 collage graphic porn fun fashion instagram

bessnyc4 collage graphic porn fun fashion instagram

bessnyc4 collage graphic porn fun fashion instagram


If some years ago someone would have said that John Galliano was going to work with Oscar de la Renta, everyone would have said that that was pure heresy. But, hey ho, things change. Via a press release signed by the one and only Oscar de la Renta we got informed that the house has hired Galliano, highlighting the need of the fashion world for this creative character and building a very strange couple of opposites with this agreement. We are really thankful for the middleman work that the queen bee Anna Wintour has done; this arrangement wouldn’t have been possible without her. This decision might have moved some minds that wouldn’t be able to give the divine forgiveness to Galliano for his inadequate behaviour (alcohol and drug wise we mean, the nazi ideas are not a forgivable thing); in the end, what would’ve happened to the world of art without those troubled minds? We really appreciate the existence of those people that fail every day, because if
you’re looking for perfection, you can always buy a Barbie. We hope that this contribution lasts for a long time, because it’s easy to see the success that the union between elegance and transgression can be. From that brotherhood now we are able to see amazing dresses in the Galliano extreme colours on the classic beauty of the Oscar de la Renta woman. Bravo for this second chance.