An indisputable masterpiece is what this young Englishman has released. With all the critics on his side, 19 year old Jake Bugg, presented his folk and country soaked first album after Glastonbury made him famous on 2011, when he was just 17. Some months later he was signed by Mercury Records and started recording singles; it’s not strange then that well known bands like The Killers, Stone Roses or Noel Gallagher have counted on him as a supporter band. His guitar playing is as powerful as his image, that’s why, and staking their claim in favour of the pure British style, Fred Perry has signed young Bugg as their image. He really looks like you know who, by the way. Anyway, we hope he doesn’t suffer from the same tragic ending as other next-big-things; for this reason we don’t want to say anything like “he’s got a big potential”. We prefer to encourage you to listen to songs like “Two Fingers”, “Lightning Bolt” or “Trouble Town”.