Even though the big shopping centres were announcing it since February, it’s now, in April and looking at allergic’s red swollen eyes when we can assure that, at last, Spring is here. Here come the “taking off your clothes baby” stage, bright patterns and the happiness when the weather forecast says that, indeed, next weekend the sun will shine and temperatures will go up. This excitement state must be celebrated and I think that’s why cities set up music festivals, to manage all this hormonal meltdown making us pass the time all together and preferably away from the city centre.

Barcelona is an expert in this sort of social control; a good example of it are the Primavera Sound, Cruilla, Mobile World Congress (same levels of cocaine and binge-everything-ing but with men in suits) and our favourite, Sonar festivals, that this year, apart from the amazing FKA Twigs, Roysin Murphy or Flying Lotus bands, they’re bringing Bomba Estéreo for their line-up. This Colombian group has managed to bring cumbia and chambeta styles back to life mixing them with electronic music and, thus, making them cool. Lliliana Saumet, their lead singer, is a total blast live and with songs like “Fuego” (“fire”) she is able to lit the dullest audience. Bomba Estéreo and hail to Spring!


Have you ever shared some time with someone that plays any sort of percussion? No matter if they come from the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the side band for Cliff Richards or some grindcore metal group, they will all have something in common: that constant “playing” everything around, the the need to rhythmically tap the table or a leg.

Felix Faire has taken playing the environment to a whole new level. This British musician, architect and coder has created “Contact: Augmented Acoustics”, a technology project that turns any tactile surface in a music instrument. Faire is young (1991), but using microphones and knock recognition wave analysis he’s already been proclaimed one of the 7 designers of the future by Design Week. A crazy mix between Minority Report, giant piano rugs and an intergalactic musical, Augmented Acoustics looks like a key part of the future.

Felis Faire will be talking and playing his show on Thursday, 5th of March, at the Mazda Space Barcelona invited by Sónar+D by Mazda Rebels.