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Have you ever shared some time with someone that plays any sort of percussion? No matter if they come from the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the side band for Cliff Richards or some grindcore metal group, they will all have something in common: that constant “playing” everything around, the the need to rhythmically tap the table or a leg.

Felix Faire has taken playing the environment to a whole new level. This British musician, architect and coder has created “Contact: Augmented Acoustics”, a technology project that turns any tactile surface in a music instrument. Faire is young (1991), but using microphones and knock recognition wave analysis he’s already been proclaimed one of the 7 designers of the future by Design Week. A crazy mix between Minority Report, giant piano rugs and an intergalactic musical, Augmented Acoustics looks like a key part of the future.

Felis Faire will be talking and playing his show on Thursday, 5th of March, at the Mazda Space Barcelona invited by Sónar+D by Mazda Rebels.

Ane Guerra

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