Teddy Bears by Mark Nixon


Admit it, there are two things you’d definitely take to the grave with you: your lies and your Teddy Bear Bobo (but also Teddy, Coco, Pipi, whatever the name). How can you not love the stuffed being that warmed you up during cold winter nights and that you embraced during the sweaty nightmares that Chucky the Clown caused you? But time goes by: you are now a full grown adult, and your Teddy bear looks like a rave addicted even though he has spent his whole life in your bed. It’s eye-blind, lame, and its ears are loose; nonetheless, you still love it like the first day. We’ve all felt this kind of unreal love, and since we are good busybodies, we want to know the stories of other people, too. Perfectly aware of this, photographer Mark Nixon portrayed and investigated the history of 65 veteran Teddy bears. The 21 most lovely Teddy Bears (and surely most loved) made it into a book that will help you to state once again that your Teddy bear, as scruffy as it may be, is still the best in the world.

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Mark Nixon
Beatriz Nuño

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