The Grrrl-Girl: Kate Moross


Even though apparently she looks 8 years old, this illustrator is no older than 26 and she’s going to be a future idol for the masses. Her I-can-do-it attitude she applies to everything is appalling, and makes her literally shine (just like the pastel and fluorescent colors she uses for her works). She’s the Queen of the DIY, capitalist version (that is to say, smart) and the only person who could use the Spice Girls and the “Riot Grrrl” as references in the same sentence, a sentence with some sense, actually. Her projects cover various fields of interest: illustrations, video clips (Simian’ Mobile Disco, just to mention one of them) and surely anything you could suggest her, all dressed up in a variety of textures, triangles and illegible typographies.

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Kate Moross
Marta Gui

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