Indeed the Pope Benedict XVI wore a funny hat, but not anymore. The head of the Roman, Apostolic, Catholic, Metallic (wait… no, not that) Church will pack his stuff on the 28 th of February and at 8pm will say “goodbye, bitches” while throwing papers on the air and rides the sacred crosier. According to the news, he’s the first Pope in 600 years that leaves the position without having to do it laying in a pinewood box. In La Monda we are fans of the Pope, because nobody can beat his style (let’s face it, viva the baroque and the gold tones) and because his pseudo-nazi past is comparable to the best alcohol fuelled John Galliano. We’re waiting now for Benedict to enter “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!”, to launch his music career or to collaborate with Vivianne Westwood. Urbi et orbi for Benedict XVI.

Ane Guerra

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