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I’m really not gonna put too much effort on working on a mysterious introductory phrase ’cause you’ve all seen those poop hats by now. And, possesed by the morbid, you’ve already watched the video. I gotta say, those little hats are too cute. If that’s what they wanted, if they were looking for creating sheer shock in us, I’m sorry, I’m not really surprised; a toilet exhibition, and let’s be bold, focusing on the excrement issue, it’s not mindblowing coming from Japan. It’s Japan, they do crazy shit (good one!), they like what’s scatological and they’ve been doing it for a while. Don’t ask me, God knows why.
The thing is… I don’t know, I think we’re getting to a whole new level in this shit topic. The little hat, ok. The drawn little pink poop from Arale, that’s ok. The workshops where kids can emulate their own feces with plasticine… that’s close to a big no. But the giant toilet where you’re flushed and you land in a subworld surrounded by screens where the only projection is “Honey, I’ve turned the kids into shit” it’s far more than what a human brain can process. Brain, not the stomach.

I’ve even read that there’s couples going on dates in the toilet exhibition. Such a good idea, Japanese Don Juan, taking your lady to the poopxibition. If she ever talks to you again, that’s love, mate. Special mention, please, to the toilet hipno-chorus that sing; my kingdom, my stomach, for those lyrics.

Ane Guerra

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