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Remember when you were 5 years old and you wanted to be a policeman, a fireman, a detective and a football player by the age of 40? From our monotonous and sedentary adult life we see how we’ve turned into that we feared; cussing dirty beings way too close to toxic dependencies.

Some months ago, the marvellous bin that the Internet is started showing a series of Frosties ad that perfectly reflect how our generation has degraded. In them, Tony the Tiger, the brand’s mascot, steps out to the streets and solves the dramas of those kids he fed 20 years ago. He helps a prostitute taking out the “tiger inside” and perform a pro level BJ, a cop beat up a woman and a suicide terrorist to kill herself in a burger restaurant. Tony is worried; he’s opened a webpage for us to tweet whatever can solve our generation.

Kelloggs has already said these fake ads have nothing to do with the company so who’s behind this piece of art? They have a pretty admirable production in the level of a big advertising firm and a very strong critical component to our generation and probably (though it’s not noticeable) to the Kelloggs politics. This is the new age Area 51.

Tony is back
Sergi Casero

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