TRUST – The fan phenomenon

trust music band videoclip lights

The fan phenomenon: a more than accepted happening when we take the first random dude that is on TV, we build him a crown of flowers and raise him to the Olympus with the rest of media deities. Full of shame we remember our uncontrolled hormonal teenager times when we would throw our underwear to Take That, cry when the Spice Girls separated their paths and cover our school folders with Nick Carter’s face.

Sadly, and though it’s hard to accept, even being responsible grown ups, the crazy groupie phenomenon keeps on repeating. Me myself have been suffering from it with Trust and his new video, Are We Arc. With just Robert Alfons’s face (he’s the voice of this project) and some simple light effects, he’s got one of the best videos of the year. It’s just too difficult not to be hypnotized with this young Canadian’s electronic darkness; with just two LPs he’s already won a place in the best music festivals. We ask to gig promoters to please bring Trust to us; we promise to be front row people, underwear in our hands.

Sergi Casero

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