Yes, web-cam. Kutiman

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We all have our secret garden; a place where each of us can let it all go, where we fantasize about something big, something juicy. CK male underwear models, for example? Nope. It’s music what we want! We secretly hope to make it to Britain’s Got Talent this year. We really reckon everything is possible thanks to the forthcoming release of the Thru-You project on the 1st of October by the genius Israeli musician Ophir Kutiel, better known as Kutiman. His work would epitomize Baudelaire’s famous saying ‘You gave me your mud and I have turned it into gold’: mixing Youtube samples taken out from random videos he creates beautiful and melodious songs (the latest one, ‘Giving it up’, you’ve got it below). The freak dream came true! You could be featured some day! Britain’s Got Talent, here we go!

Guillaume Thomas

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