Yugoslavia’s Musical Industry


You know how much we love freaky things with a bit of rancid to it. As you surely are aware from our commentaries on South America’s peculiar music style or Japan’s curious inventions, bad taste knows no barriers or cultural boundaries. This time, in order to show a new insight on bad taste culture, we decided to focus on Eastern Europe, and more precisely on former Yugoslavia. We didn’t know anything about the musical tradition of this extinct country, and how interesting his crappy aesthetics could be. Here we show you a collection of CD covers, which compete directly (in a sort of rancid festival) with the CDs we could find at any gas station in our country: from a country lady showing the goods on an ancient Soviet car to a Santa Klaus showing signs of multiple drug addictions. In Yugoslavian musical industry there’s a bit for everybody’s taste, just come and see!

PS. A video that can show you that the quality of the collection is really something of a kind.

Sergi Casero

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